Why are the Oxford Newspapers So Dull? – 11/06/2022

A shorter version of this piece has been published on ‘The Oasis’, a new online magazine for the writing of Lady Margaret Hall College students. The editors possess an admirable tolerance for intellectual diversity. You can check it out here: Every week a reassuring grey envelope, postmarked Paris, appears in my college pigeonhole. It’sContinue reading “Why are the Oxford Newspapers So Dull? – 11/06/2022”

Film Review – Happening (2021) – 10/06/2022

Dir. Audrey Diwan, producers. Rectangle Productions, France 3 Cinéma, SRAB Films, distributor. Wild Bunch. Link to trailer: In its original French title, this film is called L’événement. ‘The Event’ in question is the pregnancy and subsequent abortion of Anne, a talented student and aspiring writer in 1963 France. It is a piece of cinemaContinue reading “Film Review – Happening (2021) – 10/06/2022”

Total Betrayal (3) – With Friends Like These

“The world does not become more stable when the US retreats. For all its faults, the founding code of the American Republic is the antithesis of tyranny. ‘Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’; these values are dictatorship’s kryptonite.”

By Surrendering to the Taliban, America Has Betrayed the Afghan People – 04/06/2021

Note: Hopefully a version of this piece will be making its way on to The Oxford Blue website in the next few days. For readers of the blog, this is an early preview. ******** Last month, the Sayed Ul-Shuhada High School in west Kabul was attacked. 85 people, most of them female students between theContinue reading “By Surrendering to the Taliban, America Has Betrayed the Afghan People – 04/06/2021”


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